Refresher Courses


For Registration

No Registration Fee

Please note that while UGC fully sponsors the program itself, Participants will need to bear the costs of the following for the Offline Courses :-

    • The participants themselves will bear Travel Allowance (TA).
    • Accommodation and Dinner charges are to be paid by the Participants where Accommodation will be Rs. 250 per day and Dinner will be Rs. 170 per day.
    • The institute will provide complimentary breakfast and working lunch during the program days.
S.No.Course NameDatesModeLast Date for Registration
1Refresher Course in Vedic Maths and Computer Science (MDC)11-06-2024 to 24-06-2024Offline10-06-2024
2Refresher Course in Indian Languages and IKS (IDC)20-08-2024 to 02-09-2024Online16-08-2024
3Refresher Course in Teacher Educator and NEP2020 (Core)20-08-2024 to 02-09-2024Offline16-08-2024
4Refresher Course in Physics (Core)03-12-2024 to 16-12-2024Online29-11-2024
5Refresher Course in Vedic Maths and Computer Science (MDC)23-01-2025 to 05-02-2025Online20-1-2025

Refresher Program

The refresher courses are organized to help the in-service teachers by acquainting them with the new developments in their discipline, new teaching and research methods.
a) 2-3 course of 3 weeks duration every year in each subject.
b) Subjects are allocated by the UGC every year by the UGC.
c) The courses are meant for senior teachers.

The Refresher courses are organized with the help of concerned departments. The following subjects have been allocated for Refresher courses during the year.